Don't steal hangersI have developed a pattern of a post every day. This is a non-post to apologise for no blog post. I’m away, trying to serve the greater good.

The particular way I’m serving the greater good is by working at a training session with potential Community Safety peer reviewers. Now I could use this non-post to discuss the value of peer review in local government (and argue against my party’s policy) but instead I’m going to complain, more specifically I’m going whine about hotels.

Back in March I whinged about the standards by which hotels judged their guests, and by guests I mean hanger-thieving-porn-addicted temporary residents.

This morning I am, again, pleased to be one of the potential hanger-thieving fraternity. Ironically I’ve spent the night in what is, essentially, a police training facility. But I’ve spent it in a police training facility from which, by clever design, hangers not only have no value when stolen, but are also needlessly difficult to use when you are just a guest.

While I’ve been here I’ve also glimpsed the endless training and exercises the police undertake with partners from across the public sector.

So, on behalf of the public, I want to say thank-you to the Police, the Army, the Ambulance Service, health workers and all the others who are here working and training to make us all safer.

And, on behalf of the public, I want to say sorry that we don’t trust you not to steal our hangers.

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