I’m a little late in picking up on this, but John Burns School, situated in the north-eastern corner of the ward, has been named as one of the best in the country by Ofsted.

Ofsted included the school in its report ‘Twenty Outstanding Primary Schools’ which “showcases 20 primary schools in very challenging circumstances that have been rated ‘outstanding’ at least twice.”

The report concludes John Burns is a “very successful, heavily oversubscribed and highly regarded school.” I spent four years as a governor at the school shortly after the current headteacher, Maura Keady, started in post and can attest to her drive and determination for the school.

Recognition like this from Ofsted speaks volumes for the work she, and other staff, have done in the school over the years.

2 thoughts on “John Burns School named as one of the best

  1. “heavily oversubscribed” ? What the point of pointing out the good school in the area if nobody can register and most of the young parents must subscribe to private schools even a few miles away due to the shortage in “nappy valley”?

    • It’s heavily oversubscribed not because of the popularity of the school, but because of the admissions policy of the previous head teacher.

      I know this, because some family go to it and work there!!

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