Councillor Hicks and his artist's impression of the Winchester alien
Councillor Hicks and his artist's impression of the Winchester alien

A little petty and childish, perhaps, but I can’t resist posting a link to this little article I spotted via the Glum Councillor’s website.

It seems that Lembit Öpik is not that only Lib Dem with a space obsession. Since Cllr Hicks believes he (and others, though they all remain silent) saw an alien in Winchester.

Now I’m not naïve enough to think that the Conservative or Labour parties don’t have a few ‘characters’ amongst their membership (and even amongst the elected councillors and MPs).  And I’m not even averse to believing that there is life out there.  So if a Tory does something similar, or aliens land on Wandsworth Common, feel free to throw this back at me.

But I am sceptical that the said alien life would look exactly like a human in a funny outfit and travel all this way only to choose to waddle along Winchester’s streets making themselves visible to a select few Lib Dems.  Unless, of course, they’ve heard of Nick Clegg’s reputation.

3 thoughts on “Voting Lib Dem gets you…

  1. I like the fact one of the “theoretically related posts” is “what would stop me voting conservative”. Presumably in this case, as opposed to my political differences with the blue corner, I’m supposed to instead raise a significant ideological objection to the treatment of ballerina-dressed space aliens.

    Well, like I said on twitter, if the Lib Dems are contemplating putting a tax on going to the toilet in order to fund ballet lessons and tutus for aliens from outside our galaxy, then I’m 100% behind them. Much more sensible than worrying about this “economic policy” business, whatever that is.

    Although I dunno if it’s just me, but the face of his alien reminds me of Dr Who’s clockwork robots.

    Oh, and by the way, you do realise you’ve cost yourself the votes of any immigrants from Betelgeuse, don’t you? Not to mention Andromeda, Sirius and Pollux…

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