Fairy cake and a cup of teaA very quiet week, so I’m resorting to my cup of tea photo.

Conservative Party Conference
If council business slows down during conference season it grinds to a halt during the Conservative Party Conference. A lot of colleagues were in Manchester this week meaning, for the political side of the council at least, not much could be done.

I haven’t actually said that much about the Tory conference on the blog. I believed before (and still believe after) that the main event was the Labour conference. It was for Gordon Brown to turn his fortunes around and start a fight-back. Unfortunately for him it does not seem to have happened.

But I think the Conservative Party can look back at a highly successful successful conference. It is very difficult for an opposition to look like a Government, but that started to happen this week. The party was able to start outlining some of the hard measures they are going to have to take to tackle the huge debt crisis alongside some of their plans and priorities for Government.

George Osborne, particularly, seemed to come of age in Manchester. Last night’s Question Time seemed to highlight the choice facing the country. Osborne handled himself well, while Yvette Cooper for Labour seemed tired and deflated. Indeed, her reliance on the Labour Party’s line on inheritance tax was trotted out so often (regardless of the question) even the audience started mocking her for it.

Of course, a successful conference and a weak government does not mean the Conservatives can be complacent – and now summer and the conferences are over we start, once again, working to elect a Conservative government and re-elect a Conservative council.

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