Last Saturday saw Wandsworth’s 2009 firework display in Battersea Park. I understand the dry and clear (if somewhat cold) conditions resulted in a huge turnout and they shouldn’t have been disappointed by the fantastic display put on.

The iPhone video isn’t great quality and the sound of the fireworks somewhat drown out the music – a cover of ‘One Love’ – but does a pretty good job of giving a flavour of the climax of the display.

One of the beauties of Twitter is that you can get an instant reaction to events (for those who could access it, O2’s ever worsening network meant I had no connection during the event) and it was great to see comments like:

  • “Just watched an amazing fireworks display at Battersea Park, really impressed :)” jamiebarry
  • “Just back from Battersea Park fireworks – amazing show.” rossbalham
  • “bonefire day fireworks in battersea park were awesome. best fireworks show i’ve seen so far.” cezarneaga
  • “Battersea Park fireworks;best I’ve ever seen.Musically choreographed & stunning.Bonfire was a bit huge & scary
  • “Battersea Park fireworks last night were insanely good – best ever. were behind it, def check ’em out.” louisedoherty

I can only agree. A spectacular display, my congratulations to the team at Wandsworth and Pains Fireworks who put it all together.

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