The map below details crimes reported in Wandsworth between 3 – 10 December.

It’s certainly more sparsely populated than recent weeks and there has been a drop in the rate of certain crime types recently, although there are all sorts of factors that may have caused this – not least the atrocious weather that keeps criminals indoors just as much as everyone else. Despite the relatively small number of reported crimes there’s still a clear indicator that Wandsworth is importing burglaries from Lambeth to the east.

If you have any information on any of these crimes you can get in touch with the local police on 020 7350 1122 or via Crimestoppers (anonymously, if you wish) on 0800 555 111.

You can click on the individual markers for more information.

View Wandsworth Crime Briefing for 3 – 10 December2009 in a larger map

  1. Yellow flags represent burglaries and red flags represent street crime reported in the period.
  2. The briefing only contains details of burglaries and robberies. Other crimes are not included.
  3. You can see more detail by following the link to the Google website.
  4. The flags are not placed precisely (it would be irresponsible to advertise victims of burglary) but instead are spaced roughly equally on the roads they took place. The idea is to give a visual representation of the spread and range of crime in Wandsworth, rather than pinpointing crime locations.
  5. While I try to ensure the data is accurate it is reliant on the information I receive, and I’m only human, so it may be mistakes have crept in. Please let me know if you think you’ve spotted one.

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