James Cousins Kemp foldOr maybe it’s Kemp ego-folding. I don’t know. One thing I do know is that despite my love of the internet it infuriates me to discover that little fads have passed me by.

And so it is with Kemp-folding which I’m currently finding very amusing, even though I can see that it is one of those things that eventually gets boring. It would appear the people behind the Kemp folding website agree, since they seem to have managed to keep their enthursiasm going from July until October – and then tired of it.

So how do I participate in a fad that has run its course? Why, by simply egotistically doing it myself. And somewhat lazily, since I didn’t even bother to print anything out, but ’emulated’ the folds on a computer. I call it, simply, “Nose”.

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