I’ve been through several iterations of Power Station schemes, especially since 2006. Privately, when the current owners bought it, I was a lot more confident, since the previous owners seemed to only be interested in developing new plans, rather than doing anything with them.

Having seen various schemes come and go since 1998 (knowing that there were nearly 15 years of plans coming and going before that) I’ve developed a degree of scepticism about the site. But over the past week have been through a few presentations about Nine Elms and discussions about the Power Station site itself and I suddenly realised the current scheme has really started growing on me (my position on the council and as chairman of the Nine Elms Opportunity Board has left me pre-determined on this, so I can say it).

I think what made me realise was chatting with someone who had not seen it before about how the station was built in two halves, then straight after seeing one of the approach videos (you can see some on the Power Station’s front page) in which you approach to see just a glimpse of the Power Station (which made me think of it half-built) before the view suddenly and dramatically opens out.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Battersea Power Station

  1. Wandsworth council should work with the developers to make the power station re-development a hub for startups – it is the kind of perfect mix of environment, location, transport, hipness that would appeal to tech startups.

  2. I think the key ‘ask’ we’ll be making from the developers will be the contributions to transport infrastructure. The developers themselves, however, are intending to include a lot of space for creative industries, though I recognise that’s not quite what you would like to see.

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