I posted about Jan Lloyd’s presentation on New Covent Garden Market to the Regeneration and Community Safety OSC the other day and have been picked up on my comment that their public exhibitions are over. It was sloppy writing by me.

The first round of public consultations are over, but a second round are starting towards the end of next month (which I knew, but wasn’t sure of the timings). Like the first, New Covent Garden Market will be running a consultation and holding a public exhibition on the site so you can see how the plans are developing and what that bit of the Opportunity Area will look like.

I’ll post something nearer the time, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for it. The Market is likely to be the first visible sign of the regeneration of the area but tends to miss out on publicity to the (admittedly more iconic) Power Station site to the west. However, the Market’s plans will take something that really has been at the heart of London life for hundreds of years – quietly putting the food on our plates and generally doing it while we all sleep – and start giving it a public face that will raise both its profile and the profile of Nine Elms and Wandsworth.

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