The council is providing has an update page that has the latest information, but I thought you might be interested in some of the details from an update I’ve received.

The council has been gritting almost continuously since early morning on New Year’s Eve. The priority roads have been gritted six times since then, other roads have been gritted at least twice. Since main roads are usable and free from ice gritting operations will concentrate on the non-priority roads for the next 24 hours.

Pavements, which need to be gritted manually, have been gritted through this time and increasing resources have been put into this. However, because it is manual effort is concentrated on the high priority areas – such as busy roads and outside stations and schools.

The council has enough grit to last the current cold snap, and while it is not offering stock to other councils it have been responding to requests from the emergency services. It has also been co-ordinating gritting operations with refuse collection to ensure as much is collected as possible despite the conditions.

I have had some complaints but pleasingly have had far more praise for the council’s response. Personally seeing the area after working away and seeing some absolutely treacherous roads in other boroughs this week I’m astounded at how clear Wandsworth is. The fact is that it sometimes gets snows and it sometimes get cold and icy. The council cannot change the weather, but can do a fabulous job in responding to it.

I’d like to publicly thank and congratulate all the Wandsworth staff – those who are working do clear the snow and ice and keep Wandsworth moving, and all those who have made their way in despite transport difficulties to make sure the work of the council continues and residents continue to receive the excellent service to which they are accustomed.

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