There’s a real mix of ownership. And a real mix of why they may choose to leave them empty. My recollection (and I stress my memory may be wrong here) is that 19 Lavender Hill had a ‘private’ owner who didn’t live nearby, had inherited the property, and had no need to realise it’s value. Indeed, depending on the rateable value it may well be that the increase in market value of the property was outstripping the cost of business rates. I know at least one unit is vacant because of a complicated chain of leases and sub-leases being affected by insolvencies at various points along the chain, meaning nothing can be done and the unit will remain vacant until the insolvencies are completed. And there is rumour of another unit in which the owner had insurance against vacancy which, because of the recession, means they are getting more than they could by getting new tenants, if true, that will remain empty until the insurance policy comes to an end.