Late last year I blogged about the fire safety visits the Fire Brigade were undertaking on estates in the borough and commented that I’d be taking advantage. And I did.

We had our visit last week and, after they had a look around the house, we were left with some tips (we really shouldn’t be using double plug adapters at all, and we need to be a little more conscious about escape routes) and two new smoke alarms – one of which replacing the old one that went off every time we made toast.

Well worth it for the smoke alarms alone, and you never know, the fact we’ve replaced the double plugs with strip adapters may have saved us from a fire.

The visits are free and can be booked online, by email or by calling 0800 028 4428.

One thought on “Fire safety checks

  1. I had a very tedious job just after Uni doing data entry on fires for ODPM as it was then and can back up the point about electrical fires. Basically unless you use a chip pan (still very popular in West Yorkshire and Strathclyde), or fall asleep while smoking, you are mainly at risk of electrical fires.

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