As someone who has move to Stormont Road in the last year, I do not think the plan is a success. It attempts to address only one issue: the frequent problem of cars travelling in both directions being unable to pass each other. This still occurs and results in much beeping, shouting and minor road rage. Hopefully this will be reduced when the cameras are fully in force.

The other key issue which was not addressed was the issue of the speed of cars travelling along this raod. It is clearly not enough to simply have a sign indicating speed. I lived previously in another road off the Northside which was not a rat-run and I am amazed at the recklessness of drivers using Stormont Road. This is a road predominantly occupied by families. The risk to children from straying into the road is great. Even for adults, it is hard to stay in the road to e.g. remove shopping form a car without running the risk of being run over. 

It cannot be beyond the wit of us to solve the speed issue. I have been told that there were concerns regarding ambulances, etc. which prevented speed bumps being added. This cannot apply to smaller speed bumps surely. And there must be alternative traffic calming measures which could be adopted.

I hope that it does not take a serious accident or child’s death to make the council take action properly on this.