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Tweets for week ending 2010-02-14

  • Blogged: Tweets for week ending 2010-02-07 #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 28 January – 4 February #
  • LU: if you're not going to 'do' trains tonight, why not put signs up so it doesn't cost me £1.80 to go in and find out. #
  • Interesting watching Labour canvassers speculate on why people are offensive to them. My bet is it's because you are Labour canvassers. #
  • Hold it. There's a new look to Facebook? But I'd not managed to have a look at the last one everyone was moaning about. #
  • I tried to kill something off today. And now find myself getting excited about resurrecting it! #
  • Looking at the Northern Line closures. Looks like Wandsworth will have 2 years of closures every other weekend. #
  • Blogged: 19 Lavender Hill – revisited #
  • Blogged: Spam… from the Wandsworth Guardian #
  • Whatever Twitter mojo I had, I've lost it. #
  • And to explain, by losing my Twitter mojo, I mean I'm struggling to get into it. I think I have possibly raised my tweet threshold too high. #
  • (Though I concede the threshold on these tweets is only just above "I'm having my lunch.") #
  • OH MY GOD. I've realised, it's not that I'm finding Twitter hard: It's that my life is too banal even for Twitter. #
  • Apparently I'm just having a #tweetlifecrisis (ht @Iheke) has anyone else been through one yet? #
  • MiniMe's bedtime. Tonight's story, I think, will be 'Too Much Pinky Ponk' juice. I won't give away the ending, but it's a pip. #
  • Why do we spend a fortune to answer anoraks' "calls to save election night counts"? /via @localgoveditors #
  • Blogged: The cost of government #
  • Blogged: What do you want to hear about Wandsworth crime? #
  • Blogged: Spam… from the Wandsworth Guardian #
  • I see they say a #robinhoodtax will raise "hundreds of billions. From where, exactly, is that sort of money going to come. #rht #
  • Twitterfeed went a bit mad there. #
  • I'd be interested in a bit of crowdsourced presentation content advice #
  • Zero feedback on my attempt to crowdsource a presentation got loads last year. Does this mean it can't be improved? #
  • Fearne Cotton supports the Robin Hood Tax. Suppose the argument is over now. #
  • Blogged: Robin Hood, Robin Hood, levies a small tax that no-one notices, gives to undefined good causes #
  • Trying to be ruthless. Failing. #
  • Finally, I have passed on the 128MB USB stick of doom. #

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