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Tweets for week ending 2010-02-22

  • Blogged: Tweets for week ending 2010-02-14 #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 4 ā€“ 11 February #
  • Maybe I should quit politics. I'm finding the #ivenevervotedtory and #ivenevervotedlabour tags tedious in the extreme. #
  • Just made myself some herbal tea. In years to come I'll see this as the moment I betrayed my northern heritage. #
  • Just because I've not done it for ages. (@ Wandsworth Town Hall) #
  • Really chuffed @OpenlyLocal took on the @CllrTweeps data without a doubt now the best resource for council/cllr info. #
  • The #ivenevervoted nonsense dies down to be replaced by Lab MPs who call Tories scum or won't have Tory friends. I'll try again tomorrow. #
  • Exactly when did Twitter become a forum to advertise playground politics? It's now on a par with 'your brother smells' #
  • Blogged: Unemployment down, but benefit claims up #
  • Preparing for my keynote tonight. Like Steve Jobs there's a lot of secrecy about what I'm going to say (if only it was as exciting). #
  • Does anyone know what Mark Wallace of the TPA earns? #
  • Blogged: Crime in Wandsworth #
  • Blogged: Crime in Wandsworth ā€“ Part Two #
  • Does anyone know the last possible date people can speculate about an early election? #

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