Battersea's next new school - but where would Labour cut to fund it?

Yesterday, I commented that the ‘free schools’ idea had cross party support. I was wrong and shouldn’t have said that.

The Conservatives, locally and nationally support the concept of free schools. Indeed, there have been a number of meetings between the local and national Conservative frontbenchers and the local campaign to set up a school on the Bolingbroke site. It may well be one of the pioneer schools under a Conservative government.

Unfortunately Labour have not been quite so warm to the idea. While Martin Linton has been trying to talk up what Labour will do he hasn’t been talking to Labour Secretary of State for Education, Ed Balls.

Ed Balls is perfectly willing to support the idea, but his solution? Slash planned investment in other schools.

In essence Balls is saying that he supports the idea, but that he wants us to cut funding already earmarked for seventeen other schools and educational facilities in the borough. Perhaps he or Martin Linton could indicate which schools they would propose to chop?

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