I think you miss the (rhetorical) point somewhat. This is an issue about a lobbying organisation to which we subscribe issuing a press release once a year that ends up being used to mock the councils they are meant to represent. I didn’t comment, positively or negatively, about any of the other work they do.

I’m obviously fully aware of the connection between the IDeA and the LGA but as you know, they are separate and perform totally different functions. Indeed the IDeA largely operates with fee income that is used to pay the people they use to do the work – if it was not providing value it (and I) would not be getting work.

Indeed, while I used the post to make a rhetorical point over one issue, I do hope that you realise that rarely is any issue so binary. It’s perfectly possible to generally support the work of an individual, company, organisation or even party without supporting every single thing they do.

UPDATE: I think Roger Storer is a sockpuppet (and have, I think, enough evidence to point to who is behind it). However, in the interests of transparency I’m letting the comment stand and have also responded more fully in a follow-up post.