They are queuing up to fight for the Battersea seat.

Obviously Martin Linton is defending his seat and Jane Ellison hoping to take it, but there are plenty of others looking forward to their moment of fame as also-rans. I’ve already highlighted the independent Tom Fox, Green Guy Evans and Liberal Democrat Layla Moran.

We have had, apparently, a UKIP candidate for some time – Christopher MacDonald. And if I have the look of a Tory boy I think I can get away with saying he has the look of a UKIP candidate! And it looks like we are going to get a Jury Team candidate – Nicholas Rogers seems to be willing and able to pay his £500 deposit. If you are wondering why you might vote for him, his Twitter profile contains just one word: “Legend”

There is also another Independent – albeit one with his own party – Hugh Salmon who is standing for the ‘Hugh Salmon for Battersea’ party, largely on a platform of supporting the neighbourhood schools campaign, which has already got support from both major parties.

Finally, they are joined by David “The Priest” Priestly, of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party (at least according to the party’s website).

By my reckoning there are now nine candidates – more than I can ever remember in Battersea, and if we’re honest, seven more than necessary in a straighforward two-way marginal.

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  1. Hugh Salmon also has another recycled idea; getting places in Clapham Junction to change their name to Battersea. Didn’t Councillor Beddows have a similar campaign called “Love Battersea”?

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