Brian Prichard, in Mayoral chain, when he opened the Northcote Road street party last year

I’ve already written about Brian Prichard, the Mayor of Wandsworth, who died this month, but as last night saw the last pre-election council meeting dedicated mainly to tributes to him and today is his funeral service I thought it worth a few more moments of reflection.

At a time when political emotions are heightened and, unfortunately, some are seen at their worst it’s worth remembering that the overwhelming majority of people involved in elected politics are in it for the right reasons, to serve their community. That community might be a ward, constituency or the entire country, but they hope to do some good – the disagreements come over the method or precise priorities.

Brian epitomised that. His dignity, respect and intellect were applied to the benefit of the community for over 40 years. And in total his family dedicated over 150 years of service to the people of Wandsworth, virtually all of which during a time when being a councillor was unpaid and almost certainly cost you money in lost time and earning.

Election or not, I think the political and administrative parts of Wandsworth will come to a bit of a standstill for Brian’s funeral service this afternoon. And it’s only fitting for a man who gave so much to Wandsworth and provided a shining example of all that can be good in politics.

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