I’ve managed to hear about Streetbook through a few different sources now, and have to say it’s an interesting prospect.

I’ve long been jealous of some of the hyperlocal communities that exist out there (like Harringay Online) and wished that something similar existed here, to the extent of even having informal chats with some of the Harringay people to see how they started them off. But like the good Conservative that I am it seems the market will provide.

While there are services like Battersea People that – to me at least – is still a bit too big to be really really local. Whether Streetbook will fill that gap I don’t know, but I’ve signed up to find out.

It launches next month for SW11, and you can sign up on their website.

[And credit to them for referring to SW11 as Battersea. It shows that they have some local knowledge!]

2 thoughts on “Facebook for your street?

    • Name and address is fairly easily available (electoral register, phone book, or for some published on a ballot paper!) problems come when that is combined with other information, like a tweet that you’re away on a long holiday.

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