With only four days of the election campaign behind us (although in reality it’s been much much longer) yesterday saw the first formal step with the close of nominations for the council elections.

Efficient as ever I received confirmation of my nomination from Wandsworth today, the full list of nominated candidates will be published on Monday. You will notice (for convenience as much as anything) my wife acted as my proposer! I think it’s as much because she likes having the house to herself most evenings while I’m stuck at the Town Hall.

I was also alerted to another dodgy Lib Dem bar graph by a comment in response to my post. This time it was for Graveney ward, the only ward that can be considered a three way fight (the gaps between the parties are less than 200 votes) I couldn’t find a digital copy of the leaflet, but managed to find a very similar looking one that appears to be the same proportions. Using the Lib Dem vote as the benchmark you can’t help but notice that they understate the size of both the Labour and Lib Dem votes.

An Islington Lib Dem activist contacted me after my first post to point out that since they don’t have any labelling on the Y axis it’s all fine. I’m not sure if they were being serious or not.

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  1. Er, any serious talk about what you want for the ward, your view of next term policy (including the very important planning consultation)? As you refuse to come with any opinion as a councillor (for not showing pre-determination), you should at least come forward as a candidate…

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