For some time my to do list has included ‘Write a Wikipedia article about the Shaftesbury Park Estate’. I’ll freely confess that it was never at the top of the list, and it was always one of those things I wanted to do one day when I had time. That day that never really comes.

However, I noticed today that someone has finally got around to writing an article. Like anything on Wikipedia it is a work in progress, and seems to borrow heavily from the council’s own conservation area appraisal statement.

However, I can’t say how pleased I am that someone else had the same idea. While I know that Wikipedia has many faults, it remains a heavily used resource for many people. And it was always a matter of pride that while other places had their articles, Shaftesbury Park didn’t.

I’ve made a few, limited, changes as time allowed to the article. But do you know anything about the estate that should be added (or have you spotted something wrong that should be removed)? I think there’s a great history to the estate and we should make sure it’s told.

2 thoughts on “Shaftesbury Park Estate: The True Story

  1. I have lived in Shaftesbury Park since 2007 and have been very happy, but unfortunately that happiness is being blighted by continuous noise from aircraft which is being diverted over Battersea in so called ‘Freedom Trials’ until March 2013 which if approved and if BAA get their way our peaceful existence here will be over  

  2. There is something amiss in the para re allotments: William IV reigned in the 1830s, just before Victoria. The churchwardens can’t have used W.IV laws to create allotments that flourished by the 17th c.

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