Whilst leaflets are a good way to get policy across, we’ve had about 7 from the Conservatives, which just seems like a waste of money and trees.

I’d say there’s a fair fight locally but with a variety of approaches. The Lib Dem candidate has put a lot of personal effort into online campaigning, which seems like the most cost-effective way to reach the maximum number of voters. Martin Linton has also ramped up his blogging and twittering, and Twitter is the only reason I’ve know anything about where campaigners will be and how to hear them speak. If leaflets also mentioned upcoming campaign events, especially Hustings, then they’d be more justified.

The best of my Conservative leaflets listed the local councillors, which is where the real battle-less election is – there’s almost no info on these, and I’m concerned that most people (excluding those who read this blog!) don’t know what they are, how they vote, or what they’re voting for. Or maybe the other parties do think it’s a waste of money in Shaftesbury to campaign, but that seems like a shame.