I’m aware how it seems advertising a service like this, and I’ve advertised Streetbook before, but while I’ve been away I noticed that it is starting to take off a bit with people starting to post on the forums and a few small discussions starting. It’s a new service, so it’s not there yet, but having met the organisers at Summer in the Square last weekend am quite excited for the prospects for it. But it needs you!

The idea is fairly simple, to create a social network based on your local area, but I’ve never really seen it done in quite this way before. The verification is a bit daunting, but they are working on other ways of verifying your address (which I believe will be ready within weeks, if not days) so you know that you are talking to your actual neighbours. But you can sign up just as an SW11 member without verifying your address, and I’d encourage SW11 folk to do just that to try it out – but most importantly sign in and get involved in the forum.

We might talk about ‘Big Society’, but as a basic concept, making it easy for neighbours to talk to one another can only be a good thing. It would be great to see this working as a place where people from across Battersea, were getting together and talking about the issues that are important to them.

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