Piers McCauslandI go through phases of Twitter evangelism, and while I have my doubts about its value, I cannot deny that I enjoy using it enormously. But my passion alone has not been enough to persuade one of my colleagues, Piers McCausland, to use it actively.

I did get him to set up an account, which he tweeted from a few times but then left.

He is now, however, the Mayor of Wandsworth and I think that would make tweets from him incredibly interesting.

The mayoralty in Wandsworth is ceremonial (there are only a couple of London boroughs that have executive mayors). The mayor acts as the borough’s first citizen, and is often called upon to be the dignitary at various events and functions, and presides over council meetings as the chairman.

However, this does mean he gets to see an enormous amount of the best of Wandsworth; from charities and community groups, through to schools, care homes, new and old businesses Piers will visiting them all over the coming year. Combine with this that Piers is an incredibly insightful character and I think he could provide a really fascinating insider view of Wandsworth at it’s best.

If you’re on Twitter, would you consider sending a short tweet to @PiersMcC to tell him you’d love to know what the Mayor is up to? It might not be the best Twitter campaign going, but I think it’s worth it.

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