I don’t post personal topics that often. But today I can’t help myself.

While it seems the rest of the world are getting their new iPhones I, sadly, am not. This is largely HSBC’s fault, as they flagged my attempt to purchase one as fraud and I didn’t manage to get them to reverse their decision until after the initial stock had sold out.

(As as aside, it seems HSBC are a little trigger happy in spotting card fraud, someone told me of twice having their card stopped for suspicious transactions while on holiday, despite having told the bank they were going and someone else had the horror story of having their hotel cancelled while they were flying abroad because of HSBC’s fraud department causing a false alarm!)

The odd thing is that, as an Apple lover and self-confessed early adopter, it doesn’t actually feel bad. In fact, I’m not that bothered at all.

Some would say that HSBC was spot on and stopped me getting ripped off by an incredibly expensive phone. And perhaps they would be right. But the realisation that, actually, not getting it on launch day isn’t all that bad after all is a sign that I’m not as much of a geek as I perhaps thought and that does make me just a little sad.

One thought on “Losing my inner geek

  1. It happened several time that I couldn’t pay the hotel bill or taxi abroad because HSBC blocked the transaction (even after passing already 10 transactions in the same country!). It is not only embarrassing but can be a real problem if you do not plan a back up using another bank.

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