Although no longer part of my council brief (and of such importance that it was mainly the leader’s baby anyway) I’m still incredibly excited by the potential in Nine Elms.

While the Power Station and New Covent Market have been in the pipeline – sometimes seemingly stuck – for many years, the really exciting development recently was the decision by the US Embassy to relocate there.

The US press attaché, Philip Breedon, is delivering a talk tonight at Battersea Park library (at 7:30pm) about why they chose Nine Elms, as well as how the embassy design was chosen and how it will be constructed. I’m sure it will be a fascinating insight into a decision that was a real boost to Wandsworth and east Battersea.

2 thoughts on “The American embassy

  1. Hi James

    When is this all likley to start developing?
    Is the market going to relocate to another site or is it just going to move to another part of the current site?


    • It will be some time. The Embassy has planning permission, but before work can start the current occupants have to move and the current road layout changed (the embassy site basically straddles what is currently Ponton Road).

      The basic current plans for the market are that it will generally relocate to the western end of the site with the eastern end (like the current flower market) being the residential development that funds it all. There is also a concept whereby the far west (furthest away from the residential) hosts the traditional wholesale, as you move eastwards through the market it becomes more ‘retail’ in its style, so the interface between residential and market areas isn’t the bit that dealing with lorry deliveries at 3am and sending out hordes of white vans at 5am.

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