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  • ran 3.32 mi on 12/7/2010 at 6:47 AM
    http://go.nike.com/9k8gv8p #
  • Blogged: Crime briefing, 1 – 8 July http://bit.ly/ckUuOW #
  • Have successfully delegated the writing of birthday cards for my family to @jesscousins. A relationship milestone, I think. #
  • And now for an evening reading the health white paper. Less exciting than the pub, more exciting than an England game. #
  • When a hotel considers a 'radio alarm clock' to be a positive feature of a room I start to fear the worst. #
  • Blogged: Council surgeries revisited http://bit.ly/dAWrp9 #
  • Will this tedious day ever end? #
  • ran 3.36 mi on 14/7/2010 at 7:24 AM
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  • Blogged: Free councillors? http://bit.ly/cd7S1W #
  • Blogged: New Covent Garden shortlist announced http://bit.ly/cG70bC #
  • Mmmmmm. Accounting. (@ Deloitte) http://4sq.com/aJ97NF #
  • I get around. (@ Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)) http://4sq.com/cX1J61 #
  • Who was it who said something like: "If you spend a tenner on a book and only get one idea it's still a tenner well spent"? #
  • At a debate about 'the next big idea'. 20 minutes in and still not a word about the future, just potted history and a few political digs. #
  • Ah. Think we're getting there now. #
  • Cue Star Wars style 'Noooooooo' RT @jesscousins: Jnr has decided he likes the coconut cupcakes I made. He's finishing off the last one” #
  • So what font is the LGA Group using in its logo? Looks a bit like Dax, but not quite. http://j.mp/cO6PHp #lazyweb #
  • After an hour of 'the next big idea' it seems there isn't one. Or it's localism. Which was also the last big idea. And the current one. #
  • Not bee here for a drink since Westminster Strategy were here last century, I think. (@ Westminster Abbey) http://4sq.com/4Zgviq #
  • Had to leave an event before @ericpickles arrived. Feel the need to finish my tweet with 'chums'. #
  • Has anyone seen an 87 bus today? If so, could you send it my way? #
  • Wandsworth Labour group in denial about the deficit. We'll have to give it a while until they wake up and become an effective opposition. #
  • Wandsworth Labour are adding themselves to the lengthy catalogue of #deficitdeniers #
  • The local Labour party had their spring clean late this year. http://yfrog.com/5ordsaj #
  • Blogged: The deficit and deficit deniers (Wandsworth branch) http://bit.ly/aunJaa #
  • I've spent too long on the council, I'm excited about an email I've just received about public conveniences. #
  • Sometimes I wish I were the vigilante type. Specifically the vigilante type armed with "it's Battersea!" stickers. http://yfrog.com/501aaaxj #
  • Has anyone else started pitying people who use ConDem thinking it's in some way funny or witty? #bbcqt #
  • Blogged: Should failure be the new black? http://bit.ly/bMtIHS #
  • Doughier. Boom. #
  • Thanks to an issue I didn't have I can have a bumper I don't want or need. Consumerism means I'll claim one anyway #iPhone #deathgrip #
  • ran 5.65 mi on 17/7/2010 at 9:28 AM
    http://go.nike.com/05h1fic5 #
  • At Battersea High Street #biglunch But incredibly disappointed. And who, exactly, is ill? http://yfrog.com/50yskj #

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