I don’t have any pictures of attractive young girls celebrating their results. Which partly explains why The Daily Telegraph stubbornly remains better read than this blog. But congratulations to all those celebrating today, and commiserations to those who are not.

I’ll hold my own counsel on whether exams are getting easier. But today has made me realise that I am getting older.

Most people getting their results today were born in the year I picked up mine. In my day it was a trip to the school to collect a slip of paper (which would only be handed over if you returned any borrowed text-books that were out against your name) and then followed by a 12 hour binge drinking session. Although I think technically binge drinking wasn’t invented until this century.

Today, I have my house to myself – my wife and child have visiting her sister’s and staying until tomorrow. Rather than join celebrating students today I’m faced with difficult decisions. Having soul control over what goes on the TV or into the DVD player is troubling me (although it will almost definitely be something with ‘Star’ in the title, but whether it’s set at the final frontier or a galaxy far, far away is a harder choice).

What is causing me less trouble is whether I have a drink. I didn’t just think about a glass or two of wine (or maybe something gin based) but also about a fuzzy head in the morning and how it would affect my sleep. Thinking about hangover consequences is one thing, but when I’m thinking about a good night’s sleep as part of the calculation I’m clearly over the hill.

I hope such calculations do not trouble any of today’s students for a few years yet.

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