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I confess that I worry about parts of Lavender Hill becoming a late night destination venue. The eastern end already has a few late licences on the Wandsworth side of the border which add to those just over on the Lambeth side. (Although Mish Mash has recently lost its appeal to the Planning Inspectorate that would have allowed it to open later.)

Ashtar are looking to add to that, and have applied for an extra hour on their entertainment licence and a few hours on their alcohol licence. Their application, if successful, would allow them to provide “entertainment and late night refreshment” until 0300 on the mornings following Friday and Saturday (they currently have until 0200). For alcohol sales they are applying for 2330 on Sunday to Thursday and 0200 on Friday and Saturday (they currently have 2230 on Sunday and 2300 Monday to Saturday).

I have used the venue only very occasionally, so it’s difficult for me to judge. The Sunday to Thursday application seems relatively minor, the more difficult one to judge is Fridays and Saturdays. While its ‘only’ an extra hour for entertainment, it’s a big increase in drinking time and at a sensitive time of night.

If you want to make representations (by 14 September) they must relate to the four licensing objectives:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety
  • The protection of children from harm

The council’s licensing pages provide more information.

If you wish to make an observation you can do so by writing to:
Head of Licensing
Licensing Section
London Borough of Wandsworth
PO Box 47095
SW18 9AQ

or by emailing

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