Of course I didn’t actually go to the library in my boxers*

But I have discovered that Wandsworth is lending ebooks. Not on any massive scale, and technically it’s the London Libraries Consortium rather than Wandsworth as such. But, whatever, there’s a smallish selection at library.wandsworth.gov.uk

As a geek I’m quite excited about it. But given how much places like Waterstones have been pushing ebook readers over the past year I can’t help thinking there must be others who would use the, thus far, unadvertised service.

The process is a little clunky, although that is largely a consequence of publisher restrictions rather then the libraries. And the selection is, shall I say, eclectic (I guess they need to have something to appeal to everyone, but I’m just not going to be borrowing anything by Jade Goody). And – again because of the publishers – you are limited to readers compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. But all that said I’ve still managed to get a couple of books in less time than it would take me to walk to my local library.

A small start, but is it the future of libraries?

* Actually, I did. Did you really think I’m the sort of guy who goes commando? I’m a Tory for God’s sake. Actually, what business of yours is my underwear?

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