Last night I met with a few of the residents affected by Walkabout in Lavender Gardens.

I have to confess that when it changed from Bar Risa I did wonder if it was a venue well-suited for a residential street. Of course, the brand above the door does not, necessarily, mean a venue is good or bad (even if I would prefer we had decent pubs with proper beer), but Walkabout have been pushing their alcohol promotions heavily – not, I would contend, a promising sign for their neighbours.

The council is responsible for licensing in the borough, but can only act on the evidence it has; we have remarkably little flexibility in who we do, and do not, allow as long as they run their premises responsibly.

We can review licences (just as any resident can request a review) if there is evidence that a review is needed. So have you had any problems because of Walkabout? Or do you think it’s a great addition to Lavender Hill’s nightlife? Let me know.

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