Oh dear – what a laughably inadequate response from Asda. It’s so poorly written (and barely literate, to be frank), and as you note betrays such a lack of knowledge of the actual location of the store and the previous name change to Battersea, that it could only come from the central press office of a big corporate entity that just doesn’t care.

Surely someone in the store must remember that “it’s (sic) identity” had recently been prominently changed to ‘Clapham Junction, Battersea’? After all, most of the staff do work there.

But it’s not surprising. In my opinion this has long stood out as a particularly poorly-run branch of the Wal-Mart estate, with a track record of baffling errors of judgement; remember for example that this was the branch that famously fought a case all the way to the High Court back in 2007 after a live mouse was found in the pic’n’mix – rather than simply apologising and sorting out the food hygiene issues. They paid a large fine and received some pretty negative national media coverage (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6321775.stm), but things didn’t improve much following that incident and the general standards of cleanliness remained fairly questionable until the very recent internal re-fit (anyone who ever visited their bathroom facilities will know what I mean…).

This sort of arrogant (and patronising) attitude suggests little has changed!