I was born in Battersea. SW11 and when I worked for the NHS people would ring up and ask for their nearest GP, when asked for their address they would say South Chelsea, SW11.  I would always inform them that they lived in Battersea. 

Now we see a large store, ASDA saying their store is in Clapham what rubbish.  Perhaps their Manager is unable to tell the difference between the name of a Railway station and the Borough they are in.

Battersea was a wonderful place to live, we had Battersea Park with swings at each end and a paddling pool.  I spent hours cycling around the park.  Just before my Mother died she wanted to see Battersea Park again and was so upset to find we were unable to drive all around the park as it had been divided and was partly closed for a private function.

As a child the old Battersea Borough Council looked after the Batteresea Park, there was always plenty of Park keepers to keep children safe, the head keeper and his family lived in a house in the Park.   The Council would never have let it out or consider charging an entry fee as I understand the current Wandsworth Borough Council tried to impose.

I lived in Battersea throughout  WW2 and remember the cinema that stood where ASDA now is
until destroyed by the bombs, there was also what we called Coal yards behind,  for years I seem to recall a wreath placed on the gate each year in memory of a driver who was killed in the raid.. I found it sad that a German company now has a store on the bomb site.

I think people should be proud to say they live in Battersea.