Very good analysis. Unfortunately it is a bit late as Belleville has already started to admit an additional for of entry for September 2011, ahead of the expansion plan, and making it un-avoidable.

Current concerns on the consultation are:

* The Belleville Governors are against these Council proposals, so are they even workable?
* The proposals are very complicated. They conflate the sibling issue at Belleville with the Forthbridge school access issue.
* The sibling issue is separate and is for Belleville parents to decide. Many people would like to see this addressed at ALL the schools in the area at the same time.
* This “ranked GPAs proposal” is flawed because:
– Nearly all of the reception places offered at Belleville in 2010 by distance alone were to addresses already located in the FIRST GPA (including the 30 “Forthbridge places”).
– The distances used in the SECOND GPA will still be measured from the Belleville main site.
– Evidence from other schools shows there’s little realistic chance that any child from the SECOND GPA would ever actually gain a place (Beatrix Potter School 2007-2009)

However this is true that the point to address is why Belleville is so over-subscribed and replicate the success. Otherwise at some extend we could take only the most successful primary in Britain and expand it time 10000000!