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I don’t often post about planning applications, mainly – I think – because planning is not one of my areas of interest on the council. I don’t know if this is a consequence of my personal predilections, or that Shaftesbury, as a ward, has relatively few controversial planning applications.

However, one did catch my eye because of the location – 64-66 Lavender Hill, which many may recognise better as Mish Mash. (Or Osmium, if you’re going by Google Streetview!)

The application is for a “change of use of existing bar at lower ground and ground floor levels to offices involving creation of two front lightwells, and introducing two one bedroom flats at basement and ground floor levels to the rear.”

Mish Mash (in both it’s locations on Lavender Hill, although I understand they are technically totally separate venues and businesses) has been a cause of problems and concerns for neighbours, largely associated with noise and disorder at closing time. I suspect many might welcome the change of use.

You can find more information on the council’s planning applications website (which can be flaky). The application reference is 2011/0278.

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