‘A simple test I use is to ask whether anyone’s life was improved by my attendance. All too often the answer is no’. Yes I despair of the time I waste feeling obliged to do my citizens duty.  On the whole I feel I just meet a need for the Council to have evidence that they consulted people. Very little evidence that they took/take the slightest notice,
   I have been amused by your rather unusually honest and refreshing writing. I looked you up because of the Battersea Buzz meeting, which I now assume you were the bright spark behind. Very inventive and good way of doing it. Congratulations. You spoke well too. So explain and defend  how the Council justify closing two youth clubs and charging kids for the Battersea Park playground, putting libraries on half time…effectively threatening to close York Library (in the most deprived of all locations) I should have written a placard…isn’t this exactly the opposite of what they should be doing? Putting the Council tax up a bit would serve the poor far more than the rich. I don’t defend criminal behaviour, but I do see where it comes from.
 Julia Matcham