It seems Camp Royale don’t, yet, have permission to set up a camp on Clapham Common. According to a Lambeth Council statement:

The Camp Royale event has not yet been approved, but has been granted an ‘in principle’ agreement for a family event with a campsite of 1806 tents and capacity of 4000 people.  This means that the council is satisfied that the event can be run safely within the council’s strict guidelines.

The next stage is to discuss the proposal with local residents and elected councillors before a final decision about whether the event can take place.
If agreed, the campsite would be managed totally separately from any event activity on the common. The entertainment will be accessible to all Lambeth families free of charge to enjoy this special day.  All the events we run on Clapham Common have restrictions on noise levels, health and safety and adhere to all the normal by-laws in force at the park.

I suspect they only refer to Lambeth residents and councillors so will have to watch closely for the formal consultation.

It does strike me as a little naughty that Camp Royale are talking of 10,000 places and taking cash from people just six weeks before the event without even hinting that it might not happen at all. If you are customer 4,001 (or even the first customer if it’s rejected) you aren’t going to have much time to make alternative arrangements, especially in that price range.

One thought on “Camp Royale update

  1. I have several concerns too:
    a- How does “family event” apply to 4000 people? (it’s the biggest “family i have ever seen)
    b- The serious of the organisation can be challenged already as they are advertising 10,000 while only 4,000 might be offered.
    c- For anyone who walk in Clapham Common after a “family event” of ~50 people at a weekend you cannot miss the amount of litters, papers, plastics rolling free on what was before a bit of grass probably. I wonder who is going to pay for the total “refurbishment” with new lawn on the entire Common. The organisers? Lambeth borough? Or no-one and the residents will contemplate the mud for months?

    In what way is Wandsworth Council working with Lambeth on that issue that can possibly affect deeply its residents?

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