You don’t have to respect the chairman’s decision. You have to respect democracy. If the chairman is shown as preventing the normal work of democracy, including encouraging secrecy and undemocratic process, he/she has to be prevented to act.

I know another example where the chairman wanted to prevent a member of the public (but also campaigning with the opposition – successfully at the end – to become a councillor) to attend and record a Council meeting. To the full shame of the head of this Council, the police supported the individual to allow him to attend the meeting in the town hall.

At the end  there might be a way of challenging the decision, but also the way the police acted. On the other hand, surely a waste of time and money!

PS: for the record I asked (maybe I shouldn’t have 😉 2 years ago if I was able to record a Planning Committee meeting. The answer was…. NO! I am curious to know your thought on that…