One thought on “Does this sort of sign make you think…

  1. Depends on the Shopping Centre, but generally worse I think as most are fakes.  Depends what you believe in I guess and the angle.

    1. With my ‘business’ head on (almost) any registered legal, ethical business that’s contributing to our economy is a good thing.  They provide a service, pay their taxes and keep people employed. 
    2. With my ‘spiritual’ head on, most of these types of services are fake and taking money from people that need some help/guidance/advice/positive attitude given to them.
    3. With my ‘medical’ head on, I believe some people can read/advise on health (mental, physcial, emotional) of others based on some physcial attributes – but these people are few and far between.

    The area of palm reading that really bothers me is people that say they can predict the future based on a reading.  What’s the warranty/liability offered when (if) the advice is incorrect?   

    I’d prefer to see more professionally staffed advice/counselling/coaching outlets that people in need of guidance can turn to if they need some help (I’m making a massive assumption here that people that turn to High Street/Shopping Centre Palm Readers are looking for help/confirmation of something or another).

    I’d expect these types of outlets around Camden High Street, but not in SouthSide or Westfield! 

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