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The review of the Beaufoy Bar’s license took place last night. I attended as a local councillor, making a representation on behalf of colleagues and some ward residents (despite the bar’s lawyer arguing I had no right to represent the residents).

Licensing panels are run almost like a court hearing, with various parties giving their evidence and then the opportunity for questions, although not cross-examination. However, and crucially as it turned out, that evidence can only amplify the previously submitted representation shared with the relevant parties.

During last night’s hearing the police and council’s noise team referred to incidents that had not been previously shared. The bar’s lawyer, quite rightly, argued against this. And the panel, again quite rightly, decided to adjourn until the reports to which the police and noise team referred can be shared with the bar and the panel.

When the panel reconvenes it will be considering this set of evidence and then deciding what, if any, measures to take (the council report outlines the possible actions and some recommendations from the police and council). I’ll obviously post here as soon as I know the final outcome.

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