In what will be remembered as the biggest success my political ‘career’ will ever see I managed to get a change on the Number 10 website.

For months I’d been railing about the typo at the bottom of their page, see here in a screen grab I made about a week ago.

Take part in my what?

Neighbourood? Really? I’m not having our head of government’s website have a typo on every page for the world to see.

When I first spotted it, last August, I immediately fired off a tweet pointing it out. But it was ignored.

However, after battling away, I’ve finally got Number 10 to change. This week I noticed the typo had been removed, and now it’s ‘neighbourhood’.

That's much better

So to all those that say the government doesn’t listen. It does, eventually.

(Full disclosure: I can take no credit, that all belongs to @marxculture who I told about it on Twitter and then he got right onto it.)

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