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Getting a change from Number 10

In what will be remembered as the biggest success my political ‘career’ will ever see I managed to get a change on the Number 10 website.

For months I’d been railing about the typo at the bottom of their page, see here in a screen grab I made about a week ago.

Take part in my what?

Neighbourood? Really? I’m not having our head of government’s website have a typo on every page for the world to see.

When I first spotted it, last August, I immediately fired off a tweet pointing it out. But it was ignored.

@ There’s a typo on your website, ‘neighbourood’ in the links at the bottom of the page. And there’s no web contact, either!


James Cousins

However, after battling away, I’ve finally got Number 10 to change. This week I noticed the typo had been removed, and now it’s ‘neighbourhood’.

That's much better

So to all those that say the government doesn’t listen. It does, eventually.

(Full disclosure: I can take no credit, that all belongs to @marxculture who I told about it on Twitter and then he got right onto it.)

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