Dear friend... (click the picture to download the full PDF)

A fantastic bit of campaigning from the Labour Party.*

This sort of thing that the Liberal Democrats pioneered. A ‘hand-written’ letter to try and persuade you of the merits of their candidate. It’s meant to be more personal than a traditional leaflet and, therefore, have more impact. I got this delivered by Royal Mail this afternoon.

Except this doesn’t even mention Ken. Instead, it attacks Boris, purporting to be from a former Conservative activist.

The only way you’d know it was from Ken is by reading the small imprint where it reveals it’s from the Labour Party.

Promoted by London Labour

A desperate, desperate measure. Don’t mention Ken, just attack Boris in the hope it depresses his vote a little.

No wonder the bookies are already paying out on a Boris victory.

* By which I mean an awful bit of campaigning from the Labour Party

3 thoughts on “My friend, Brett Harrison

  1. So glad you have mentioned this as I got one yesterday as well.  It truly enraged me as it was so painfully and ineptly manipulative.  I am curious where they got my details and voting intention from as no one else in my house received one.

    • I wondered that. Given my politics and address are both fairly public I assumed it was targeted at Conservatives, but a fairly underhand leaflet: if not surprising they didn’t have anything positive to say about Ken.

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