Interesting that you go into so much detail here after remaining mute throughout last night’s meeting.

To fill some gaps for the benefit of your readers:

In addition to its support for the G1, the meeting was united in its focus on safety – something you fail to mention above. This is not a matter of nimby-ism but rather concern that the proposed route involves diverting the bus from the doorstep of its regular users and around a blind corner where accidents and near misses are already commonplace.

We also made notes last night and the reality is that of the 30 or so questions which were asked, all but those from two people were opposed to the proposal for one reason or another. I look forward to seeing minutes of the meeting if you want to maintain that this was not the case.

As a school Governor you must be acutely aware of the importance of conducting comprehensive risk assessments before making decisions which affect vulnerable stakeholders such as children or the elderly. Not a safeguard which has applied here…