A year of tracking with reporter-app. Average highs (top line), lows (bottom line) and just plain averages (middle line) on a self-reported 1-10 scale. Stuff I already knew? Perhaps, but some interesting stuff nonetheless.

The April-May slump is unsurprising: the result of returning to doorsteps that might not be hostile, but seem less positive each year. But I hadn’t appreciated the wider impact of a miserable campaign (my highs weren’t as high), nor that the numbers started going up a week before the end (correlating to the arrival of a few friends for the last few days).

The August peak. A holiday. Having your own pool is great, it seems.

What is perhaps more interesting is spotting the correlations between highs and lows and other factors which just don’t show up in a line.

But even that line brings a clarity worth many times the outlay for the app, not just when looking back, but when making decisions in the future.

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