Brighton Marathon done with bloody nipples bonus.

It was great, until about mile 18, when my knees, but particularly my right knee, became a touch painful. Annoying because until then things had been going smoothly and looking at my splits I was on course to beat ‘perfect run’ target.

A slow and difficult final eight miles followed and I crossed the line at 3:47:40, so I’ve crossed ‘do a marathon’ off my list of things I wanted to accomplish.

A great day. The organisation was smooth and the crowds fantastic. It was a joy to be part of it (pain aside). I’ve got a new bloody nipple photo (although it doesn’t really show).

And I’ve raised a few quid for Hospice in the Weald. The fundraising was a last minute decision after my sister-in-law, Lucy, died of cancer there having received treatment and support from them throughout her illness.

If you’re feeling generous, motivated or just feel bloody nipples are worth a few quid you can still donate.

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