Election day. My first as an adult when I haven’t been politically active in any way. Indeed, I can even claim my last as a child saw some activity since a friend’s sister was standing in the mock election (for the Conservatives: I actually voted Labour, something I’ve never admitted before.)

While I know many others who are politically active will have tales to tell of lessons they have learned the election has been a revelation for me, simply because it really hasn’t bothered me.

Like most people, the election largely passed me by. And for the most part I was happy with that. The arguments, interviews, broadcasts and stunts went almost entirely unnoticed by the majority of people. Instead, I counted the benefits of not being involved in kids’ bedtimes I could do, trips out and lazy long breakfasts at the weekend.

But when I did pay attention it wasn’t fun. It was too often negative and unpleasant, nationally and locally (although to be fair, locally it was generally good natured, only a few people brought unpleasantness). For me politics should be about what you can do as a politician, not just being a politician. Perhaps if more remembered that then elections might be more engaging for ordinary people.

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