WBC have ominously indicated (recent FOI) they want an option to re-compete after the five year contract expires, so I think it unlikely Formula E will ever leave Battersea Park if it survives this nightmarish first experience. The residents will then timeshare Battersea Park for 11 months a year and hand it over for a month, at the height of Summer, to a decade of car racing here.

The park revenue received barely covers a single (Hay Pay Grade 2 or 3) salary of a WBC director who hides in a back office avoiding contact with residents endangered during this casual chaotic and dangerous construction phase.

It is an unnatural and perverse act to squeeze technology into a historic Heritage 2* Victorian Park given the size of London and then negligent to hide in an office at a time of danger preferring to tweet idyllic park scenes as a grand act of self-denial and hubris.

I read that I am represented in consultations by “The Friends of Battersea Park”, I don’t know who they are, but with friends like that, I really don’t need enemies.