About me
I’m an Renew councillor for Shaftesbury ward in Wandsworth. I’ve been on the council since 1998 and for eight years held various unnecessary long titles on the executive.

I have lived in Wandsworth since 1997 and currently live with my wife and children on the Shaftesbury Park Estate in the heart of Shaftesbury ward. Professionally I worked in the City of London until 2003, before taking a role within London Underground’s finance department. I followed that by spending seven years experiencing varying degrees of success pursuing a portfolio career before returning to a proper job and becoming an NHS manager.

I take some perverse pride in having held so many positions that are often held in low esteem.

About this blog
This blog started as an experiment and even now continues to evolve.

Currently it’s a bit of a mish-mash. There’s a bit of commentary about local issues and politics (I’m constantly wrestling self-censorship and the desire to highlight that the local council leadership is a bit, well, rubbish). There’s a bit on national and international issues (and there I wrestle the fact that nothing I say will make any difference, but feeling Trump and Brexit are terrible, terrible things). And I keep thinking there should be a bit more personal stuff on there, since it’s my blog I reserve the right to do what I want with it, but never quite manage to get around to that.

If you want to explore further (and I would be flattered if you do) then you can, of course, just pop to the home page and see where it leads you. Alternatively if you are Shaftesbury ward resident (basically that bit of Battersea either side of Lavender Hill, from the railway lines in the north to Clapham Common in the south) you might be interested in posts in the Shaftesbury category. More widely there are a lot of Wandsworth posts.

The small print
All opinions expressed are my own.

This blog is published and promoted by, and on behalf of, James Cousins.