I’ve often stated my belief in open data, and that it should be published as a matter of routine. And I don’t see why I should be any different. I often use various datasets in my posts, and while these are publicly available I often manipulate them.

I’ve no real idea how this page will develop. However, I’m planning on routinely adding any data I use here so anyone can download it. As a general rule I will link to the post(s) in which it was used and point to the original data sources I used to compile them. You are free to use the data in whatever way you wish, however, please bear in mind that generally the data will not be updated. Unless stated otherwise it was current at the time of the related post and has not been touched since. Where I do update I will indicate when it was done.

And I may as well add the usual caveats of use at your own risk, I take no responsibility for losses incurred by relying upon them, etc!

Service importance, perception and council budgets
In my post Wandsworth’s most popular services I used data from the 2009 Place Survey and the council’s 2009-10 budget.

You might also be interested in the council’s summary budget paper, 10-510 which can be used to check the data.

Public toilets in Wandsworth
In ‘announcing’ my data page to the world I referred to the a list of public and community toilets in Wandsworth.

Public satisfaction with GPs
In Wandsworth’s best GPs I mashed up survey data with geographic data.

Jobseekers Allowance claims in Wandsworth
For a while I was posting the total number of JSA claims in the borough. The data is fairly easily obtainable, all I did were a few simple sums to get the change.

Meeting attendance
A summary of my attendance record as a councillor from 6 May 2010. The list only contains formal meetings I attend as a councillor and bodies to which I have been appointed by the council. It does not include private meetings, such as briefing or policy meetings with colleagues or council officers. To date the following meetings are included:

  • Council. Meetings of the full council
  • Executive. Meetings of the council’s executive (I will probably have a bad record on these, they tend to be very short, rubber stamp, exercises as the business is largely dealt with at the Overview and Scrutiny Committees (OSCs).
  • Environment, Culture and Community Safety OSC. Although not a member I have attended as the committee considers matters that fall within my executive portfolio.
  • Adult Care and Health OSC. As above, I have attended as the committee considers matters that fell within my executive portfolio.
  • Strategic Planning and Transport OSC. As above, I attend as the committee considers matters that fall within my executive portfolio.
  • Shaftesbury Park School governing body. I am appointed to this by the Local Education Authority (Wandsworth Council, in other words). I’m only including full governing body meetings, not any sub-committee meetings.
  • Wandsworth Employment and Skills Partnership.
  • Wandsworth Local Strategic Partnership.
  • Hate Crime Forum.
  • Nine Elms Opportunity Board (now decommissioned).
  • Nine Elms Strategy Board.

I will update this periodically, but keep the file location in place.

Grit bin locations 2010/11
A list of the locations, with latitude and longitude of grit bins put in place by Wandsworth council for resident use during the 2010/11 winter period. The bins contain 1 tonne of salt and will be topped up throughout winter. The locations were chosen as known problem areas (mainly around hills) that do no feature on the council’s priority list for pavement gritting (which tend to be places like schools, transport hubs, clinics, etc.) This data was mapped in the post Gritting Wandsworth and updated in More grit bins and This winter’s grit-bin locations:

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